You can always recommend your friends use the "Filter this column" feature
of TweetDeck.  Not the best solution for your exact scenario, but at least
it's something.

You also may want to take a look at a product that my team recently
developed called TidyTweet (  It allows extensive
filtering of a search-based Twitter feed and provides the results as RSS,
JSON, or a javascript/HTML widget for embedding on a website.  At this
point, we have no way of tying into the individual user timeline, but we are
working on an API that will hopefully allow other apps to tie into our
functionality.  This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but I
thought it was relevant enough to include in the discussion.

Michael Paladino

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what do you guys think about a feature making it possible to hide
certain hashtags?

I came across this idea, when the new football season began. My
followers split up into two groups: Those who like football and want
to read about it and those who don't like football. I like to twitter
about football but I'm afraid that some of my followers tend to
unfollow me because my football noise is too much for them.

I think it'd be a nice feature to set posts with certain hashtags to
"hidden" or something like that.

Just tell me your thoughts - is this nonsense, if so - why? Or does
this already exist..

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