Wanted to send out a status update and let everyone know where the situation
stands as of today at noon.
- Most developers are reporting being back in operation as of noon on Sunday
- We have changed our defenses to make sure API developers are better
supported. As such the system has more general strain on it and thus will
produce some more 502/503 errors. If you see them, you should do a geometric
back off instead of just sending a new request.
- OAuth should be fully operational
- If you continue to have unexpected errors, please produce a packet trace
so we can help debug and define the issue.

I will continue to give periodic updates throughout the day as we know more,
but as most apps are back in action the updates will be more based on new
news. Please continue to let us know of any unexpected issues you may have.

Thanks again for your continued patience and support.

Best, Ryan

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