Yep. In my experience calling a user that doesn't exist does yield a
404. You'll have to handle the errors on this.
I guess 404 does make sense here, as the user is not found.


On Aug 11, 5:40 am, Carlo Zottmann <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm doing statuses/user_timeline requests via JS, and sometimes due to
> faulty user input, I query statuses/user_timeline for nonexisting
> users. The statuses/user_timeline API endpoint returns correct data
> (for example, `callbackFunction({"request":"\/statuses\/user_timeline\/
> nonexistingexample.json?count=200&callback=
> callbackFunction","error":"Not found"})`), but unfortunately it sends
> a 404 status code as well.
> Neither Firefox nor Safari consider these documents as valid and
> refuse to execute the code within.
> Is this the correct behaviour or an API bug?
> Thanks,
> Carlo

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