and I'm certain the reason for adding the Twitter name violation in
there in addition to all the others is that they don't want their name
associated with, what is effectively a Web 2.0 spamming operation.

On Aug 12, 3:55 pm, Duane Roelands <> wrote:
> Are any of these developers -selling- their products?  You are.
> Are any of these developers violating the Terms of Service?  You are.
> Just because another website has "Twitter" in the name doesn't make
> their situation the same as yours.
> You made a tool for spammers.  You get caught.  Get over it.
> On Aug 12, 10:14 am, "Dean Collins" <> wrote:
> > So has anyone heard from or know any of the other developers? Did they also 
> > get an email last night?

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