Hi Chad -

Now that the DDoS attacks are (sort of) behind us, can we seek some
closure on this? I'm dying to know the official, undisputed, written-
in-stone, we-can-finally-stop-arguing-about-it answer to the following
(which I think simplifies the question):

If my IP is whitelisted and I have 20 simultaneous users logged in to
my app for 1 hour and each user generates 1,000 requests, have I used
up my rate limit for that hour or could each user send 19,000 more

If it's the latter, is that a bug that's going to be fixed, or does
Twitter really love us that much? :)

On Aug 6, 1:04 pm, Chad Etzel <c...@twitter.com> wrote:
> Hi Dewald,
> I asked "The Powers That Be" about it, and that was the response I
> got. However, I am double and triple checking because that does 
> soundtoogoodto betrue:)

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