So I am building an ap that will do searches based on keywords but I
am coming across a logic problem.

Here is the logic I want:
Keyword  OR "the phrase" OR ( keyword AND keyword )

But twitter does not allow the above type of logic it would only allow
this type of logic:
( Keyword  OR "the phrase" OR  keyword ) AND keyword

I can see the use of the second logic, for example if you wanted to do
the following:
Ford OR Chevy OR Toyota Cars

But if the twitter search was implemented with the logic that I would
like to see then the same search could happen with just different
words such as:
Ford Cars OR Chevy Cars OR Toyota Cars

But if they stick with the current logic then you CANNOT do:
Ford OR Chevy OR Mercedes Benz

You have to separate it out into different searches. Which is
subsequently bad for the twitter search servers.  Not to mention it
seems more logical my way.

Does this make sense?  Am I understanding this correctly?  Is there is
a reason why twitter should not use my type of AND logic?

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