Well this goes to show you Biz Stone is no longer running the show at
Twitter. Seems the investors / board have taken control and are unleashing
the pack of lawyers. I hate to see twitter using such "evil" tactics. Sure
you guys coined the term "twitter" but the user base came up with "tweet". I
think its lame that now you feel you can put your name on that and own it.
I was upset when I heard twitter was getting sued over patent infringement,
but now I'm starting to think they might need a taste of their own medicine.
I have no plans to use either "twitter" or "tweet" or "twit" in my products,
but I still feel sorry for the developers who are getting pushed around just
because twitter has the jitters that we might mess up their good name. Well
guess what twitter, you are doing that just fine yourself.
I don't blame the lawyers, its their nature and their job. But twitter has a
choice to do no evil in this matter.
I really hope they can come up with a reasonable solution that can work for
all parties.

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