The shitty part about this is unlike most of the devs on this mailing list for 
me MyTwitterButler is a minor minor side project.

It's more a 'by-product' in that I needed to create something to track baseball 
tweets for another project.

I kind of feel bad in that Twitter inc has probably spent more on legal fees 
that I've made on revenue for the  application - like I 
said I originally gave the program away to anyone who wanted a copy and only 
started charging when I was getting so many emails from friends and friends of 

I was hoping this was going to be sorted before I went overseas on holidays 
with one or two 15 minute phone calls but it hasn't.

I'm hoping Twitter and their legal counsel and their public relations people 
can lay out the rules clearly and cleanly for everyone to understand so that 
those of you on the mailing list who are trying to make a business out of 
helping twitter ecosystem improve don’t get a wrench thrown in your plans after 
you've spent all your time and effort adding value to twitter only to find 
their not happy with your product.

As long as the rules are applied to everyone across the board then you cant ask 
for more than that.

At the end of the day if Twitter sent an email to the dev list and said hey 
guys we want you to move the 30-40 applications with twitter in the name to 
something else I would have been like, cool no probs lets go pick a new name. 

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I believe it was already stated that the platform team is going to
communicate with the dev list on these matters "in the near future" in
an earlier thread.

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On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Josh Roesslein<> wrote:
> I'm sure we will see a blog post soon from twitter. Yeah its very unlikely
> that any twitter API
> dev will comment on this since they can't speak on behalf of twitter's legal
> plans. They probably
> don't even know what legal plans are in place.
> On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 12:19 PM, Cameron Kaiser <>
> wrote:
>> > I would humbly suggest that someone from Twitter comments in this
>> > thread sooner rather than later as I am concerned this will end up in
>> > the press with quite a negative spin - unless there is some quick
>> > clear guidance.
>> I doubt very much that the Twitter people who follow this thread, who are
>> not lawyers, are going to comment on a pending legal request or action. I
>> know *I* wouldn't, if it were the company I worked for.
>> I'm sure there are backchannel discussions but I doubt you'll see them
>> here.
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