Hi Sam,

(*Speaking strictly as a non-twitter employee and completely as a developer*)

I'd like to play with it. I'm working on a new product myself
(unrelated to content sharing), so my testing might not be immediate,
but this certainly looks interesting.


On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 5:04 PM, Sam Street<sam...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for a few developers to help me test the API I have built
> for http://twicli.com (content sharing & user tagging)
> The API's work as you would expect with each content type (photo,
> video, audio) having an 'upload' and 'uploadAndTweet' method.
> The backend of the API is actually fine, I just don't have an app to
> test it with. I have simulated sending requests using PHP but I'm
> unsure whether the results will be the same when the photo/video data
> is sent via iPhone or Adobe AIR. Does anyone know what format a photo
> posted via an app is sent in? Binary data?
> I don't want to release the API publicly without actually testing it
> first so any help is appreciated and I'll offer free advertising on
> both www.picli.com and www.twicli.com
> I'm also working on various get methods aswell as post. Seemingly most
> content sharing apps I've seen only seem to offer methods to upload
> content through their API rather than request data about a specific
> piece of content. I plan to build a method that will deliver detailed
> information including users who have been tagged into the photo (for
> example).
> Anyway, if anyone's willing to help that would be fantastic and I will
> return the favour.
> -Sam http://twitter.com/sampicli

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