Hi all,

We are developing a social network and part of the functionality is to
allow the user to enter their twitter user name and display their
public twitter feed on their profile.

I am using Zend Framework and until recently, our testing was working
just fine. A user could simply enter their user name and we would
retrieve and display their timeline.

Now, we are getting a connection timeout Error #110: Connection timed
Is this possibly because we are being rate limited? I doubt it because
we have no users yet.. just our own internal testing.. but I can't see
why this would just stop working.

This is the line of code we are using

$client = new Zend_Http_Client('http://twitter.com/statuses/
user_timeline.json?screen_name=' . $user-
>twitter_id .'&count=50&page=1');
$response = $client->request();

So we're basically just retrieving a json feed.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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