I am planning a new Twitter app and I am seriously considering not
using the OAuth API this time. Since I launched my last new app about
four weeks ago, it has been down for about 25% of the time. Since my
users use OAuth and Twitter to sign in on, the app is broken. It makes
me look very bad, especially when Twitter itself is up. It seems that
the developers who use OAuth should be somehow be exempt from the
cutting knife since you know who we are. But not so, we look like a
bunch of buffoons. Its the apps that don't use OAuth but continue to
require a users credentials that stay up. This is backwards.

That said, is there any reason to continue using OAuth in this
environment in the future? Are you guys planning anything to make
OAuth users exempt each time a DDoS attack occurs?

I also requested to be white-listed when I launched several weeks ago
but I have not heard back. If I were white-listed would my app be up


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