If you want to have your app name in the 'from <source>' attribute
then yes only oAuth can be used now.

On Aug 17, 1:25 pm, netlatch <netla...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Another question. Is OAuth being required for new apps?
> On Aug 17, 8:13 am, netlatch <netla...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am planning a new Twitter app and I am seriously considering not
> > using the OAuth API this time. Since I launched my last new app about
> > four weeks ago, it has been down for about 25% of the time. Since my
> > users use OAuth and Twitter to sign in on, the app is broken. It makes
> > me look very bad, especially when Twitter itself is up. It seems that
> > the developers who use OAuth should be somehow be exempt from the
> > cutting knife since you know who we are. But not so, we look like a
> > bunch of buffoons. Its the apps that don't use OAuth but continue to
> > require a users credentials that stay up. This is backwards.
> > That said, is there any reason to continue using OAuth in this
> > environment in the future? Are you guys planning anything to make
> > OAuth users exempt each time a DDoS attack occurs?
> > I also requested to be white-listed when I launched several weeks ago
> > but I have not heard back. If I were white-listed would my app be up
> > now?
> > Thanks,
> > Pete

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