I've been developing a Java/MIDP Twitter client for the past two
months, and i still need a couple more months to publish a beta
version. A few days ago i found out that the update source (app name)
is no longer customizable unless the client uses OAuth for
authentication, which means that any update sent through my client is
shown as "from API" instead of my app's name.

I understand that OAuth is important for many security reasons, but it
still has important issues with mobile applications, forcing the user
to open a page through a mobile device, writing down the PIN,
switching back to the app and logging in again is just hell. Not to
mention the smartphones that don't support programs running in the

The current API's methods shouldn't be restricted to OAuth unless
these issues are solved first. We, developers and mobile users, would
be thankful.

Is anyone using any other solution for OAuth and mobile devices, if
there is any?

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