I am experiencing this problem as well. All of my requests to the API
just all of a sudden started timing out a day or two ago. I have no
idea who to contact to resolve the problem.

On Aug 17, 9:04 am, David Carrington <david.carring...@gmail.com>
> This has happened to me with dabr.co.uk too. It was fine, then
> blocked, unblocked, and now blocked again over the weekend.
> I see talk of OAuth downtime/problems recently but no mention of
> general API blockages or how to avoid this occurring again.
> On Aug 17, 12:57 pm, pmduque <pmdu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Second time this happen this month: I can't connect to twitter from
> > the IP where my scripts run. First time everything went back to normal
> > after a few hours but this time it's been blocked since yesterday.
> > I've contacted twitter to know if I was doing something wrong or if
> > the IP was blacklisted but got no answer. The problem is that my main
> > competitor has dynamic IP so he never get blocked...
> > Anyone else got this problem? How to solve it? How to avoid it?

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