Good point. There are a lot more broken things that have higher priority. Top of the list, notify all third party clients that do not attach a message ID to a reply.

Threading of tweets is so fundamentally broken it should be way up on the list. Sure, not twitters fault, but the third party apps make Twitter, and in this case, they break Twitter.

The first time user experience is degraded if they have to go digging to find why a tweet seems so out of context.

I think Twitter needs an RFC style set of guidelines. Using words like SHOULD, MUST, MUST NOT, and MAY WOULD help a great deal.

I'm not saying to have an app store approval process, but definately a way to officially define a behavior as broken.

Back to retweets, there are and were too many ways to do it. Do you inject your commentary to the end or beginning of the retweets?

Some use RT, others use (via @username). Most lean on RT for shortness, but the "via" is much more clear to a new user.

Either way it is not immediately clear to a new user what's going on. For something so simple, there is way to large a barrier of learning to a new Twitter user.

Of all the people who say "I don't get it", it boils down to problems with this barrier. I always say, "give it a week, you will learn the value and utility and fun". In most cases that is true.

That's a core problem that needs to be solved. Above and beyond work put into a retweeting feature. There is just too much "I don't get it" for something so fundamentally simple as "instant messenger makes happpy fun time with RSS limited to 140 characters".

My .02.

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Long story short... I just keep thinking, If it ain't broken, don't
fix it ;) That's my $0.02 on it.

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