Hi folks,

Could someone educate me about how Twitter search works? The Twitter
documentation merely mentions: Returns tweets that match a specified

Is that that the results are guaranteed to have all the words that are
searched? Or any one of them? Or is this a best effort scenario.

At Twaller.com , we use search API a lot. Obver the past 3 days, we
have noticed really irrelevant results which leads to very irrelevent
tweets displayed on Twaller.com. One happened just now:

Search query: "eating at Daejeon"

Result: juhasaarinen    @matt_stephenson Hmm. Wonder if there's a VM
setup that runs in Win7 x64?

This result is absolutely irrelevant. Funny thing is that this lasted
abt 5 mins, after which search correctly didn;t return this result.

Given the quality of some of the search results, I am inclined to
check internally whether the search result contained the searched
terms. But it would be good to get some feedback before we started
implementing that way.



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