Thanks to everyone who sent in detailed issue reports we have been
able to tune the system to recognize the traffic better and things
seem to be running well. We will continue to closely monitor the
system and tune as needed. Your detailed reports are very important in
helping us teach the system what your request patterns look like.

One thing we have noticed and is generally a good coding practice -
make sure that if you open a connection for a request that you close
that connection before exiting out or you may run the risk of looking
like malicious traffic.

Please continue to operate your systems as you normally would and
notify us when you have issues with the detailed information, which
I've include here for the sake of consistency:

1. The IP of the machine making requests to the Twitter API. If you're
behind NAT, please be sure to send us your *external* IP.
2. The IP address of the machine you're contacting in the Twitter
cluster. You can find this on UNIX machines via the "host" or
"nslookup" commands, and on Windows machines via the "nslookup"
3. The Twitter API URL (method) you're requesting and any other
details about the request (GET vs. POST, parameters, headers, etc.).
4. Your host operating system, browser (including version), relevant
cookies, and any other pertinent information about your environment.
5. What kind of network connection you have and from which provider,
and what kind of network connectivity devices you're using.

Thanks again for all of your support and let us know if you continue
to see any issues.

Best, Ryan

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