I don't know where to start (or even the terms to search for)
but . . .

I would like to be able to send a tweet out on the completion of a
form to my own account. A user fills out an ASP.NET form and when they
submit the form, I would like my Twitter status to update and simply
say "another form has been filed+tinyurl".  The tiny URL will always
be the same.

It would eventually be used in custom work we do for hotels and their
Request For Proposal pages.  A user submits an RFP and we would like
that hotel's Twitter to reflect that with something like:

"another conference RFP just submitted - tinyURL"

Where the URL is simply a link to their blank RFP form.  No user data
would be passed ever.

Thank you and thanks for making Twitter pretty much the centre of the
social universe!

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