hmmm no wonder the respond seems a little slow and sometimes tweets
don't go thru...
At first I was suspecting that it could be our firewall :D

I'll try to catch the issue if any on screenshots and will post it

thanks for the updates, ;) Mark

On Aug 19, 3:06 am, Ryan Sarver <> wrote:
> Dewald,
> When you see that kind of stuff crop up, can you please capture as
> much information as you can including packet dumps, headers, etc so
> that we can narrow down what might be the issue? There are lots of
> moving parts and we need to know where to focus our efforts.
> Thanks for keeping us updated. Best, Ryan
> On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 6:37 AM, Dewald Pretorius<> wrote:
> > At around 9:30 AM EST this morning I (tweetlater) got blocked yet
> > again with connection refused. It appears to be on all calls.
> > Anyone else?
> > Dewald

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