A quick google search shows how to use the Embeded Safari browser to change the user-agent.

If you change the user-agent to something a desktop would use, it should work for you.

Realize though that this will then give the desktop presentation of the website, which may not be ideal..


On Aug 19, 2009, at 12:57 PM, Michael Paladino wrote:

A friend of mine is working on an iPhone app that will provide an option to post some text to Twitter via the “status” querystring. For example,http://twitter.com/?status=My%20status%20update. This works fine from a desktop or laptop, but when on an iPhone, Twitter recognizes that it’s a mobile device and redirects to m.twitter.com which does not handle the “status” querystring. Anyone know a way to force Twitter to go straight to the non-mobile version or have any other work around?

Thanks in advance.

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