Hello All,

I want to show updates are <from my web application name> instead of
"from web"

We want to integrate the status update system of twitter in our web
application which is made in .NET Framework 2.0. We have integrated it
successfully and is updating the status. But the problem we are facing
that the message says..... "from Web".

We want to make it "from <Our Site Name>". For that we have registered
our application in twitter.

It provided us the following information...

1) Consumer key
2) Consumer secret
3) Request token URL
4) Access token URL
5) Authorize URL

We are using the API and is using the following code.........

public void Test()

        OAuth_Twitter obj = new OAuth_Twitter();

        obj.strusername = "<User Name>";
        obj.strpassword = "<Password>";

        obj.consumerKey = "<Consumer key>";
        obj.consumerSecret = "<Consumer secret>";
        obj.token = obj.AuthorizationLinkGet();

        obj.oAuthWebRequest("POST", "https://twitter.com/statuses/
update.xml", "status=" + "<The Message To Send>" + "&source=my_app");

Please look at above code. We have two class file also. Those are
"OAuth_Twitter.cs" and "OAuthBase.cs". In the above code please look
that we have used "source=my_app" to make from "from Web" to "from
<Our Site Name>". We got this suggestion from many sites as they
suggested. But we are so sorry that we could not reach to our

Please help us out to solve our problem. We are eagerly waiting for
your reply.


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