I used the twitter API search query "maker" to create a query. In a
browser it returns a JSON file with the expected amount of entries for
the first page. I use the same url query with my javascript
application using an Ajax.Request. This returns only about two entries
and a half entries and the last entry is not complete. I should get 50
entries from the first Ajax request. I do get 50 entries from the
browser for the same query. Here is the code - is there a parameter
I'm missing in either the url or the Ajax request? Any recommendations
or suggestions would be appreciated. thanks, James

Assistant.prototype.twitterRequest = function(){
        new Ajax.Request(url, {
                method: 'get',
                requestHeaders: {
                        Accept: 'application/json'
                onSuccess: function(transport){
                        var json = transport.responseText;


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