> Recently my twitter search API code stopped working properly (using
> search.json). After tracking down the issue here is what I think is
> going on:
> - Recently, the status/message IDs returned by the search API began
> exceeding the maximum positive integer allowed on 32-bit OS platforms
> (2,147,483,647). For example, in a recent API call I am getting
> message IDs such as 3,448,308,315.
> - The twitter API returns these within the JSON string using integer
> encoding. From PHP, when I decode the return JSON string using
> json_decode on 32-bit Windows, I end up with ID values such as
> -958,581,221 rather than 3,xxx,xxx,xxx.

I think this is PHP's problem. Perl doesn't have it; it sees this tweet
as ID 3 451 486 259, not a negative one relative to 2 147 483 647, and this
is on a very old Perl to boot. This is the actual dump from TTYtter's
internal hash:

[{'text','@mom2twinsplus1 you\'re welcome. alas, browser options are thin for 
Mac OS 9, which is why we\'re working on 

As you can see, the ID is handled correctly.

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