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Dossy Shiobara <do...@panoptic.com> wrote:

> Easy revenue model: sell lookups from email -> twitter ID and twitter
> ID -> email.  

That's a fair response to an earlier thread about looking up the
Twitter ID by email address. The message to which you were responding
had to do with verify credentials. It's was a fair question as the
implications are for more subtle. Here's the real threat model... 

Provide a service that uses your OAuth key and logs the response to
"verify credentials" calls. You obtain valid email addresses and names
that people actually use to self-identify. If you use, misuse, abuse or
resell these to third parties, it is traced back to Twitter - not you -
and you have a very high quality list of names and email addresses that
can help your spam mailing score well on some features of some content
filters - including the human eye. What makes it work is that, as far
as the user knows, your service never asked for an email address.

Chris Babcock

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