I'd appreciate any opinions regarding a dilemma about handling a DM
where you don't know if the correct relationship exists.

Since a DM isn't rate limited it effectively tells me for 'free'
whether the target user is following the source user by raising an
exception if the correct relationship doesn't exist.  So if you're
sending a DM anyhow it would seem better to just try the DM first,
then handle the exception if it comes in, rather than make a rate
limited call to check the relationship details first.

While this seems like a sensible option for the app logic, i'm not so
sure if it's sensible with regard to the app's relationship with
twitter. It could be percevied to be less responsible, and perhaps
after a while DM calls to non-followed users will red-flag the account
with twitter? Or maybe, conversely, its been cunningly designed for
just this scenario.

Any opinions/experience with this?

Thanks in advance,


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