Building my ever growing exclusion list for Twitter to get more signal and less noise...

#php -lance -phpge3k -stackalert -RT -imoracle -#freelance -phplinks - web2feed -freelance -webtechman -tuvinh -freelancer -job -jobs

That works.

#php -lance -phpge3k -stackalert -RT -imoracle -#freelance -phplinks - web2feed -freelance -webtechman -tuvinh -freelancer -job -jobs -wefollow

That does not work.
Any combination of "follow" cussed an error.

I'm only testing on a mobile, in tweetie, but on mobile safari, in the search box, results are the same. seems immune.

It is not length bound. Just "-follow", will also not work.

This appears API limited for the most part.
Iphone says hello.

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