I've developed an app to follow comedian Eddie Izzard on his 1000-mile
run across the UK - http://eddieizrunning.com/.

Its using my own (in development, to be released shortly as open
source) ActionScript 3.0 API for Twitter, FlashTwitter, to retrieve
the data from Twitter, sort it, grab images from Twitpic, expand URLs
to get map references/sighting etc. and plot all the tweets on a
custom Google Map.

I am trying to retrieve user sightings using the search API. I've
asked people to post a Twitpic link to @eddieizrunning using the
hashtag #eddiepic. Here's an example of what one users did earlier

@eddieizrunning http://www.twitpic.com/f1980 #eddiepic

But this does NOT show up for the following query to the search API:


Anyone have any ideas why? Another tweet later that did not have a
Twitpic link did appear in the search result.

Any thanks gratefully received...


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