If you don't want a public community API, and want to write it in your own, then you are sort stuck.

The docs show you sample curl commands or you can http request in a browser to test simulate.

You have sample curl examples, if you are objectionable to libraries, then warp your php around those curl commands.

If that is not what you want, it sounds like you should look for an introduction to php tutorial, or a general introduction to web based scripting languages.

Iphone says hello.

On Aug 23, 2009, at 1:45 PM, Termanater13 <termana...@gmail.com> wrote:

Ive been looking to use the Twitter API with my php Site and I cant
find much just a bunch of URLs used wuth the Twitter API and the curl
commands used with the API. Can someone point me in the direction of
where to start, and please nothing done by the comunity unless its a
tutorial on how to write my own if at al possible.

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