Hi there,

I think there's been some problems with status counts recently -
specifically some being too high.

I'm calling the favourites method a lot, and updating cached user
profiles from the favourited tweet's author info.  To see if the user
profile is fresher than what I already have cached, I'm comparing the
status count field - accepting that I'll be inaccurate if someone
deletes a lot of tweets and their status count goes down.

However, what I've found right now is that sometime my own status
count was reported as being about 20 higher than what it is right now
(on website and with a user call) - and I certainly haven't deleted 20
tweets recently.

Has there been a bug with status counts recently, or is there are
reason they are sometimes higher than what the website reports?

I think this is true with many users - but I've used myself as the
test case as I know I haven't deleted that many tweets.  Over time I
have, but not within the last month.



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