2009/8/26 balu reghu <baluk...@gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> Can i pass my credentials to browser.I am working on a twitter
> application.
> On a click i am trying to show the twitter site. If i have the
> credentials with me.Can i make the user view his tweets without login
> (again)
> this is my code
> on a click
> Process.Start(@"\Windows\iexplore.exe",
>                                      "http://m.twitter.com/search/
> users?q=" + "tbsearch.Text");
> In this case the browser will show a popup .asking for user name and
> password.Is there any way to pass the credentials?

That is not an API call so what you're doing is scraping the Twitter
site. They don't like you doing that and it will likely get your IP
blocked if you keep doing it.



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