There are other applications already deployed that let you do things
like control your computer via Twitter, and I haven't heard any
complaining about them with regard to TOS.

I have a second Twitter account that I use for testing my application,
and I'm not aware of any TOS provision that prohibits this.

On Aug 28, 12:24 am, "Peter J. Walsh" <> wrote:
> tl;dr: I'm a hobbyist programmer writing an application that passes
> data to/from devices using twitter, and was wondering if this would be
> a violation of the TOS?
> or if you prefer, the longer version:
> I'm a hobbyist programmer writing an application. An application that
> controls other applications on a host by receiving data sent to
> twitter from a remote device such as a cell phone. It's not very far
> along, so far the only thing it can do is query the status of uTorrent
> at the request of the remote device and return it through direct
> messaging, and add torrents passed through a direct message. I was
> wondering if this portion would constitute spam?
> The application also requires a person to have two accounts, one for
> themselves, and one for the application. As a hobbyist programmer I
> don't really spread my applications around, just to a few people to
> help test them. So far this particular application has only been sent
> to one other person. So I was wondering also if this creation of two
> accounts would cause issues? If this would cause issues, I could
> rewrite the application to only need one account for all it's users,
> but this would hinder it's adoption of other applications that don't
> support a HTTP interface.
> Of course if any of these things would cause any issues I would be
> more than willing to discontinue development.

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