I should add the sites IPs have been whitelisted...

On Aug 28, 6:37 pm, bosher <bhellm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> My Twitter service just launched today -http://tweetmenews.com/
> After having a surge in users joining the site, I'm now receiving the
> following error messages:
> 403:The request is understood, but it has been refused.  An
> accompanying error message will explain why.
> <request>/direct_messages/new.xml</request>
> <error>You cannot send messages to users who are not following you.</
> error>
> I manually checked that the users I'm getting this error for are in
> fact following following the service's Twitter 
> Account:http://twitter.com/TweetMeNews
> Can someone offer some ideas on why this is suddenly happening? This
> is obvious not ideal for day 1.
> Thanks

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