It appears as though some characters are getting multiply escaped in
the XML responses, is this by design?  Unfortunately, it's causing a
problem for an application that I am writing.  I am using expat to
parse a friends_timeline response and displaying the message in a Gtk
application.  Consider the following (partial) text element in the

...for fall. ->@inspiredjen

The original, intended message reads "...for fall. ->@inspiredjen".
As you can see, it appears the greater-than sign is escaped
twice...once to >, and then again to >.  The problem is,
there are other characters in other messages that are getting escaped
just once, as you'd expect.  For example, in the same fetch I am
currently running, standalone ampersands are getting properly escaped
as &.  The end result is that some characters will display
properly and some won't.

Oddly enough, it is displaying properly on the web, and in Tweetie.
Any suggestions?

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