Maybe, if first thing you're doing is checking account credential, you
could retrieve then the real screen_name. Or in many other requests
the screen_name is returned and you can catch it.

On Sep 2, 2:45 pm, Hwee-Boon Yar <> wrote:
> I filed this a few weeks ago and the ticket wasn't commented on nor
> discussed here, so I replicate it here to bring some attention to it.
> It's an obscure bug:
> ==============
> Calls to account/update_profile API fails if the original screen name
> (the one that was signed up with, eg. "User1", instead of "user1") has
> uppercase characters and login don't match exactly (e.g "user1" and
> not "User1").
> Most, if not all other Twitter API calls, including the authenticating
> call is case-insensitive. But if the user has a screen name which has
> at least an uppercase character, account/update_profile will fail
> unless the authenticated screen name is spelled exactly the same.

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