I'd also like to know this. The examples on the twitter API page all
just show one retweet_details section, this would mean that if
multiple of your friends to retwee the same status, it will be added
multiple times to the home timeline.

this way, there is also no problem wiht tracking retweets of the same
status over time, as you get new statuses into the timeline.


On Aug 14, 11:35 am, Houshang Nayeb <shang...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have the following question:
> If one of my tweets is retweeted multiple times, what will be the
> return value of “retweets_of_me.format” ? Will it be one record with
> multiple “<retweet_details>” sections?
> If yes, will there be a “count” for the number of times it has been
> retweeted?
> If no, then what happens?
> Thanks!

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