from the API page

> Twitter REST API Method: statuses/home_timeline [COMING SOON]
> Returns the 20 most recent statuses, including retweets, posted by the 
> authenticating user and that user's friends. This is the equivalent of 
> /timeline/home on the Web.
> Usage note: This home_timeline is identical to statuses/friends_timeline 
> except it also contains retweets, which statuses/friends_timeline does not 
> (for backwards compatibility reasons). In a future version of the API, 
> statuses/friends_timeline will go away and be replaced by home_timeline.

Does this mean that "in a future version of the API" there won't be
any way to get a friends timeline without retweets?

Because the ability to ignore retweets ought to be a Day 1 feature, IMO.

I would put a much higher value on a unified feed which includes
"*mentions* and friends" than "*retweets* and friends"



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