> to allow users on another website to retweet (e.g. update status
> previously) one could use links liek these:
> http://twitter.com/home/?status=RT+%40aalmiray%3A+%40wmacgyver+yup.+Groovy+MOP+%2B+static+factory+method
> Question to the Twitter API team:
> Will there be a similar URL format for the new retweet api? e.g.
> http://twitter.com/home/?retweet_id=<status_id>
> If the logged in user would follow that link, the twitter ui would
> need to ask the user if he wants to retweet the tweet specified via
> the retweet_id.

Related to this, some clients (and I was asked to add this to @ttytter) are
"threading" RTs by using in_reply_to_status_id. Are those tweets showing up
as replies (i.o.w., people who don't follow the re-tweeted user are NOT seeing
the RTs), or are they showing up as regular tweets with i_r_t_s_i as a bonus?
And should that be done anymore?

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