Strange events w/ Rate Limit requests.

I'm calling the API from my whitelisted IP and getting results that
are all over the map. It's almost as if Twitter is load-balancing my
requests to two different environments, each of which is keeping its
own count of my rate limits. So my app chugs along happily thinking it
has plenty of limits and shouldn't need to check for a while, and then
wham, I'm getting 404's and Rate Limit exceptions.

Check this output from one of my apps:

Rate lims for acct: 7727
Rate lims for acct: 2002
2009-09-03 02:12:04 AM: Processed 1000 tasks (∞ / min)
Rate lims for acct: 1136
2009-09-03 02:12:25 AM: Processed 2000 tasks (∞ / min)
Rate lims for acct: 7052
2009-09-03 02:12:46 AM: Processed 3000 tasks (3000 / min)

Notice how the rate lim requests bounce from the 7K to the 1K range

Then, a few seconds later, I get a ton of 404, and finally an over-the-
rate-lims response.

This only happens from my whitelisted IP. I'm running the same app
from home (account whitelisted but not the ip) and it runs without
this problem.

What's up??

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