Marcel, on behalf of twitter, announced to availability of the 
statuses/home_timeline method.

This is good news! It will allow us to start development of retweet
support in our client applications / web-sites, and do backward
compatibility testing.

Would it be possible, if it has not already been done, for twitter to
create a couple of accounts that include some retweets so we can also do
forward compatibility testing? It doesn't have to be much, just a
half-dozen or so nonsense status updates in each account, some
retweeted, some not.

When you do this, please be sure to include an example of a status
update that is retweeted by more than one other account. I, and others,
still have questions, so far unanswered, about what the results will
look like in this case, and other similar cases.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Renkel

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I asked this, and similar but more detailed questions, in my Aug 18,
7:35 pm post to this thread:

but, unfortunately, have not yet received an answer, at least none
that I can find.

Could someone from twitter (Marcel Molina?) please address these

I think they are pretty important. I need to know the answers to be
able to design support for retweets in my site ( I
would hope I wouldn't have to resort to experimentation once this
feature is deployed at to get answers to what I think are
pretty fundamental questions.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Renkel

On Aug 14, 1:35 pm, Houshang Nayeb <> wrote:
> I have the following question:
> If one of my tweets is retweeted multiple times, what will be the
> return value of “retweets_of_me.format” ? Will it be one record with
> multiple “<retweet_details>” sections?
> If yes, will there be a “count” for the number of times it has been
> retweeted?
> If no, then what happens?
> Thanks!

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