I'm having this problem for a few days, and I've been monitoring ALL
requests sent to twitter, here is what I saw :
The value of the X-RateLimit-Remaining header is totally unreliable.
For instance, the response to a request will have it at 120, while the
next response will have it at 40.
Then subsequent request responses will have values such as 118, 39,
37, 36, 117, ... and so on.

All responses have the same X-RateLimit-Reset !

It all looks like there are 2 unsynchronized counters, and responses
get values from either one of them...

The trouble is that one counter reaches 0 much too early, which makes
my twitter client says the maximum allowed request has been reached !!

I make 3 requests every 2 minutes, so I should never reach the max.

I have the exact same behavior when using the rate_limit_status

I made sure I have no other client on that account, and I can
reproduce the problem each time. Even if I had, there would not be
cases where it goes from 36 to 117 for 2 adjacent requests...

Thanks for looking into that !
(I can provide traces of the requests)


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