Also, go here: and see if there
are any applications that you've authenticated to via OAuth that might
be doing it. (That's the other way this can happen.)

On Sep 5, 3:14 pm, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> Change your Twitter password immediately.
> That can only happen if some rogue service has your password and sends
> DMs on your account.
> Changing your password should stop them dead in their tracks.
> Dewald
> On Sep 5, 12:02 pm, amylou61 <> wrote:
> > I've tried and tried for several MONTHS through all channels I can
> > find, to get Twitter to fix this issue, but all I've gotten are
> > automated mssages, and dropped problem tickets.  I get Direct Messages
> > that are shown to be from MYSELF, but I didn't send them.  They are
> > coming from a blog called "The Way I See It, Too".  I get them every
> > day, sometimes several.  I wish someone would help me.

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