I don't understand why it would be foolish. Nevertheless, if flat
files are considered archaic, then memcache dedicated to caching large
social graph id lists for several minutes would provide the same
benefits, wouldn't it?

The reason why I would prefer flat files above memcache is that you're
not limited to the memory available and won't have an older entry of
@aplusk being deleted before the caching period has expired simply to
make space for a new one of @ev. In other words, you have absolute
control over how long a "cached" data set remains available.


On Sep 7, 6:40 am, freefall <tehgame...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Flat file generation and maintenance would be foolish at this stage.
> Seperating out the individual data sets purely for api  to be served
> by different clusters with server side caching may fit the bill - but
> tbh if this isn't happening already I'll be shocked.

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