An added benefit to this approach is it adds a disincentive for SPAM.
Spammers don't waste time on things that no one will ever see...


On Sep 8, 9:12 am, Craig Hockenberry <>
> As we're all aware, there has been a huge influx of spammy followers
> (e.g. @Girl12345.)
> These accounts are deactivated quickly enough, but we're seeing cases
> where they accounts hang around in the user's follower list. From the
> application's point-of-view, there's no way to know that the
> @Girl12345 account has been suspended so it goes to load more
> information (e.g. the relationship status.) This results in a 404
> being returned.
> For the user, this presents a couple of problems:
> 1) They are being shown users who no longer exist and get errors if
> they try to query these users.
> 2) Some users find these (mostly adult) followers to be offensive and
> don't want to see them.
> I'm thinking about how our application might go about helping with
> these problems, but I can't find any good solutions. The main problem
> is that the followers list contains old data (that hasn't expired from
> a cache.)
> Would it be possible for Twitter to delay the addition of followers to
> the user's list? Presumably, most of these spammy followers are
> identified in the first 24-48 hours. If a user doesn't get flagged in
> that period of time, then they get added during the follower list
> update.
> -ch

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