Something like this is going to require a server-side language, like PHP,
Perl, Ruby, etc.  JavaScript wont cut it.

I'm not sure how you'd do this without it being spammy though. IMO it should
be manual, or at least semi-manual using a queue of some sort that you need
to approve prior to it going out.


On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 5:17 PM, 00__00 <> wrote:

> Can you help?
> I want to search Streaming OR Search (not fussed which) for Keyword
> (say "Wimbledon") then ReTweet those individual results.
> 1. Search
> 2. ReTweet each search item including (via @xyz)
> Now I have seen this done in a spammy fashion, which is poor, so to
> reassure the group: I don;t wish to do this. I want to create a uber
> feed for my football team, hometown, and sports leagues in one...all
> automatically .
> The preferrred language is Javascript, but PHP could also work?
> Anyone know any libraries of such, or have any samples.
> Please bear in mind I am a lightweight programmer, and a bit
> embarrased to even ask on here!!
> Cheers

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