PLEASE, can someone on the API team let us know when the paging bug(s)
with followers/ids (and friends/ids) will be addressed? There have
been problems with it for weeks, but now it's just downright broken.
We can't get lists of followers for users with large numbers of
followers. That's a basic, fundamental API feature that's just BROKEN.
There's a reproduced, accepted, high priority bug against this issue
in the "issues" area, starred by many, and we've had neither a fix,
nor a comment as to whether it's even being addressed.

I need to know that I can expect problems with the platform's basic
functionality to be resolved within a reasonable time-frame. This is
killing my business development efforts. If Twitter wants people to
build businesses on this platform, they HAVE to support it.

PLEASE guys, give us something. Don't make me throw away months of
work and go focus on something unrelated to Twitter.

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