the first request is figuring out the relation between the users
and the second request to send the direct message

but it seams the the only solution as Abraham Williams said "If you
don't wan't to make 2 API calls just try sending the DM and if it
fails then you know there is no friendship there. "

but i this irritate me and the user who see "sending message ..." and
then see "Oops you can't send direct msg, may be he don't follow you"

On Sep 13, 6:43 am, JDG <> wrote:
> What would that tag do to prevent needing 2 requests?
> On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 18:07, mostafa farghaly <> wrote:
> > hi guys
> > i think we need this tag to send direct messages easily,
> > as far as i know i can send direct messages to the buddies i follow
> > and they follow me in the same time , and there's now direct way to
> > know this info from the <user> info tag, i don't want to make two
> > request: one for making sure they follow each other and one to send
> > the direct message :( .
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