Thanks for the email. I am working with our team internally to track
down the issue and figure out how to resolve it. I will get back to
you with an update shortly, but know that we are listening and working
on this.

Best, Ryan

On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 8:55 AM, Waldron Faulkner
<waldronfaulk...@gmail.com> wrote:
> PLEASE, can someone on the API team let us know when the paging bug(s)
> with followers/ids (and friends/ids) will be addressed? There have
> been problems with it for weeks, but now it's just downright broken.
> We can't get lists of followers for users with large numbers of
> followers. That's a basic, fundamental API feature that's just BROKEN.
> There's a reproduced, accepted, high priority bug against this issue
> in the "issues" area, starred by many, and we've had neither a fix,
> nor a comment as to whether it's even being addressed.
> I need to know that I can expect problems with the platform's basic
> functionality to be resolved within a reasonable time-frame. This is
> killing my business development efforts. If Twitter wants people to
> build businesses on this platform, they HAVE to support it.
> PLEASE guys, give us something. Don't make me throw away months of
> work and go focus on something unrelated to Twitter.

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