Twitter deploys dozens of code branches each week, most of which
probably contains at least a few user visible changes. The changelog
is difficult enough to follow internally. Externally, it would be
hopeless. Notifying on each and every change isn't a tractable

Although there is still room for improvement, the Platform team is
committed to notifying on functionality change in the API.

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Sep 15, 4:38 am, timwhitlock <tim.whitl...@publicreative.com>
> I notice today that Twitter has created a new default profile pic;
> e.g:http://s.twimg.com/a/1252980779/images/default_profile_1_normal.png
> Great. That's broken some of my algorithms on Twitblock.org.
> (identifying re-used images)
> I can fix that. I'll just add the new MD5 to my app config.
> But, wait. Did I spot some different colours?
> Yes, that example is only one; 
> e.g.2:http://s.twimg.com/a/1252980779/images/default_profile_2_normal.png
> a. Can Twitter tell use how many there are of these?
> b. How about a user object property "profile_image_default" (true|
> false) ?
> c. How about Twitter start notifying the developer community of
> changes?

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