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> Often times, we don't hear from unhappy developers until they're
> already outraged and posting on their blogs or in this group. Please:
> give us a chance to help you out first. We may not always be able to
> make your particular issues our highest priority, but we'll give it
> our best shot. If you're still pissed, then you can go vent :)

Well take a look at the grumbling about the OAuth stuff.  Mixed in
with complaints about OAuth are complaints about Twitter support being
non-responsive.  Take a look at this from earlier this month:


That person was waiting two months(!) for a response, only to have his
support tickets deleted.  I suspect a lot of the unhappy bloggers have
indeed tried to contact Twitter, and that this group (and the blogs)
are an outlet of last resort.  Understaffed or not, that sucks for the

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