Can someone from Twitter please confirm that (a) and (c) will both
continue to work for oAuth.

If not, can you please let me know how to detect the case where the
user denies access to the application.

In either case, can you please point me to documentation on this
subject (if any documentation exists)

On Sep 16, 1:08 pm, New guy <> wrote:
> Hi, while testing oAuth consumer code, I noticed that ..if the user
> denies access to the app
> (a) the post data includes "cancel=Deny"
> and
> (b) the response includes the string "OK, you've denied ...."
> and if the user clicks on the app link, the user gets redirected to
> the app URL with
> (c) the app URL including the word "denied" in it.
> I couldn't find any documentation stating that (a) and (c) are both
> oficially supported behaviors for oAuth with Twitter.
> I'm assuming that (a) and (c) are both corrects ways to determine
> whether the app has been denied access, but can someone please point
> me to documentation that confirms this.

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